Repainting also repaints existing 1/1250 ship models. Our professional visual artist uses various historical photos to find out the right colour scheme, and makes sure your model ship will shine again. repainted Spliethoff Paleisgracht Super Service

Our talented visual artist is ready to repaint any 1/1250 ship model from your collection! ‘Gesupert’, as the Germans would say, a ship model becomes like new, and even more realistic – when carried out right. On this page we collected some repainting examples, but the best advertisements are of course our own ship models.

Repainting is done with a lot of attention to reality. For example, historical photos are consulted to find out the right colour schemes. Outsourcing this work will save you a lot of disappointments and mess, after all, not everybody is able to paint difficult surfaces or very thin lines.

Maritime artist

Artist W.J. Hoendervanger does all the painting for He is a fulltime maritime artist, have a look at his website:

Some examples

We can give you numerous reasons to repaint your ship models:

  • A ship that does not have the right deck colors

  • A model that has a completely different hull color in real life.

  • The shipping company colors on the chimney of a ship that are not correct or are not at the correct height.
  • You want to have your shipmodel in a later (or earlier) colorscheme.

  • You want us to provide your tugboat model with some rust and wear so that it becomes a real workhorse in your display case.
We have the solution for all these problems: our Super Service. Let us know about your wishes, and we’ll give you a quote.

Request a quote

Feel free to ask a question about our repainting service, or request a quote. Please mention what ship / ships you want to get repainted, and where you live, so we can calculate shipping rates. Requesting a quote is without obligations!


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