Ferry Schulpengat (2007 livery)

Schulpengat was the second twin car deck ferry ordered by TESO (Texel’s Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming). Our 1:1250 Schulpengat ship model measures 8,84 cm x 1,49 cm. The ship has great details and fits perfectly with the Texelstroom (1966) & Molengat (1980) ship models.

8,84 cm


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History ferry Schulpengat (2007-2018)

When double-ended ferry Schulpengat joined TESO’s fleet back in 1990, the old ferries Marsdiep / Texelstroom & Molengat where still in service. In 2007 Schulpengat received an upgrade to the new TESO brand, introduced with the inauguration of 2005’s Dokter Wagemaker car ferry.

In 2005 the new ferry Dokter Wagemaker took over Schulpengat’s role as primary Den Helder – Texel ferry. From 2005 onwards, Schulpengat only joined on days high traffic density was expected. In 2007 Schulpengat received retrofitting, during which TESO had to put the smaller 1980 Molengat ferry in service. After Schulpengat’s retrofitting, the distinct yellow shaded livery was gone.

In 2016 an even bigger TESO ferry was commissioned: Texelstroom. This event rendered redundancy for Schulpengat. However, Texelstroom experienced some CNG propulsion issues, so TESO had to count on Schulpengat again. Especially in 2017, when Dokter Wagemaker received it’s retrofitting, and Texelstroom was supposed to be the only ferry in service for a while.

To celebrate almost 30 years of service as a ferry, TESO organized a special farewell event for Schulpengat in January 2018. For one last time, TESO allowed Schulpengat to serve on the Den Helder – Texel ferry route. Meanwhile, TESO was looking for a shipping company to buy the double-ended ferry, to no avail. This resulted in the decision to scrap Schulpengat. The ferry left Texel for the last time in October 2018, sailing to Gent (Belgium) for scrapping. One wheelhouse was preserved and returned to the island in July 2020.

TESO ferries Schulpengat & Molengat

This picture shows both Schulpengat (2007 livery) & Molengat in Texel’s ferry harbour ‘t Horntje. More historical photos can be seen on (Dutch language only). 


The ferry Schulpengat is a fantastic addition to your model collection.

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