Model ships in scale 1/1250 produces ship models in scale 1/1250. Especially German suppliers have produced many miniatures in this scale. We mainly focus on Dutch ships. Our ship models in scale 1/1250 measure between 0.8 cm (!) and 9 cm. A handy size, ideal because they look good everywhere. You don’t need a large display case for an entire collection of ships!

We create a quality product. No production in China: we design, produce and paint (by hand) in the Netherlands. A ship model must be 100% correct, in terms of details from the original general arrangements, to the color of all details. Making a ship model takes many hours, but the result is amazing. Small, detailed and perfectly painted.

3,00 cm

Welcome to produces 1/1250 scale waterline ship models. It is our honor to welcome you as a visitor to our online store. Here you can find – and buy – the result of years of research, design and craftsmanship. originated from pure love for shipping and ship models.

The ship models are made of high-quality plastic and have metal parts as well. If there are any questions, we as are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Willem Johan & Anders

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About is a new Dutch manufacturer of ship models in scale 1:1250. The name is a nod to Beaufort (BFT) 12 and the 1:1250 scale. The team exist of Willem Johan Hoendervanger and Anders Hoendervanger. Our goal is to launch well-known and less well-known Dutch ships in the 1:1250 scale which is loved by collectors all over the world. However, is not only limited to Dutch ships, although that remains our main focus. The ship models of are made from high-quality plastic with metal parts and are professionally painted by our visual artist. Read more about the people behind here:


Anders Hoendervanger works in marketing. Besides his daily job work, he is the founder of the website (a website dedicated to the Dutch PSD), committed to maritime heritage in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Anders is the main designer of the ship models and finds it very challenging to convert the complexity of the ships he designs into the 1:1250 scale. has set the bar very high in terms of what is possible in the 1:1250 scale. Our lifeboat series, for example, has unrivaled details. Please check out our President Jan Lels model and convince yourself. This level of detail is of an unprecedented order in the world of 1/1250 ship models. Anders is responsible for the balance between the level of detail and the feasibility of the models. After all, the ships in this scale remain extremely small.

Visual artist

Willem Johan Hoendervanger is a renowned maritime artist who has an excellent track record in providing maritime art to shipping companies and private individuals all around the globe. Because of his work, Willem Johan has a lot of experience in painting ships. Because of his work, Willem Johan has a lot of experience in painting ships. He uses this knowledge for to bring the ship models to life with his professional painting skills.

Painting a ship model may seem easy (‘you look at the original colors and copy them’), but that is not how it works for Willem Johan. To get a perfect ship model, all colors must be perfectly matched, just like in a painting! Whoever sees a ship model for the first time must see the real ship at the first place. More info about his maritime art can be seen at

Look at that details!

Our smallest ship models have unrivaled details and set a new standard in the world of small 1:1250 ship models!